10 Best & Free Job Portals in India (2022) to apply for your new job! (2023)

10 Best & Free Job Portals in India (2022) to apply for your new job! (1)

Finding gainful employment is the priority of every young individual. A few decades ago, people’s only option was to either “know someone” who’d refer them to a job opening or browse through the classifieds section of the newspapers. Indeed, that was a time when government jobs were the only good professional option available to many talented Indians.

Thanks to economic liberalization, multinational companies have expanded extensively in India over the past 25 years. In almost every sector, there’s a multitude of companies operating with a huge workforce.

As India’s economy grows by leaps and bounds, there will always be a need for talented professionals to work for these companies. Along with that, there’s been a growth in the number of job portals. It is estimated that over 80% of job vacancies are filled up through the top 10 job portals in India.

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Moreover, the Fmajority of India’s population is below the age of 35 years. With a young tech-savvy population, job portals provide easy access to numerous lucrative employment opportunities.

The question then remains as to which ones are worth browsing through. Ideally, a job seeker likes to have all available options under one roof. Moreover, the quality of a job portal also determines the quality of job vacancies that are advertised on it.

Just for you, we decided to do in-depth research into this area. Below, you’ll find a list of the

Best Job Portals in India curated just for your ease and convenience:


10 Best & Free Job Portals in India (2022) to apply for your new job! (2)

Website: www.naukri.com

Founded in 1997, the name of the company itself means “job”. Among the first job portals in India, Naukri has expanded massively over the years and created a new for itself in the world of staffing and human resources.

This company still enjoys almost a 60% market share in the Indian job hunt market. Just a look at the numbers should suffice: theres already about 50 million users on naukri.com and almost 10,000 new resumes are updated by job seekers on the website every day. This is a testament to the mighty chuck of people who find employment using this website.

The best part of this website is that it’s one of the top free job portals in India. Most users don’t need to pay a single penny for applying for a job on this site. Users can signup and upload their resumes right away, they canalso share their websites or portfolios in their profile if they belong to a creative industry. Naukri, however, has now expanded its offering and has a premium subscription-based service too which promises to match you with the best jobs in your domain based on your profile and qualifications.


10 Best & Free Job Portals in India (2022) to apply for your new job! (3)

Website: www.shine.com

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Owned by the popular newspaper company Hindustan Times group, Shine has emerged as one of the serious competitors among the top job portals in India. Several multinational companies tend to post their top jobs on Shine along with Naukri and others in order to get access to the best available pool of talent.

The USP of the company is that it positions itself aggressively to those that are already employed and looking for a change. Towards that end, Shine has launched many customized services which are targeted towards young professionals. One of the best features of their website is the “resume builder” service. For a subscription fee, Shine provides you direct access to some of the best HR professionals and career advisors who work at every step of the way to help you write and build the perfect resume. Once that is done, this resume will be featured by Shine to all the top recruiters in the area of your professional expertise.

The other feature provided by Shine includes access to a customized recruiter who will work specifically for you and ensure that your resume reaches the right professionals in the industry. But even if you don’t want to pay thats totally ok: All Recruitment on Shine are free to access and can be applied for just by signing up on the page.


10 Best & Free Job Portals in India (2022) to apply for your new job! (4)

Website: www.monsterindia.com

Monster is among the world’s largest job search engines and is definitely among the top job portals for young professionals in India. You could almost really call it the Google of the job search world.

Headquartered in the United States, Monster is a global behemoth that has made India one of its prime markets. The USP of Monster lies in the fact that a great variety of jobs with international companies are posted on to this job portal. Therefore, if you’re a young professional looking for a mid-level position, Monster will have some of the best multinationals vying for your attention. Moreover, Monster is also among the best job portals for Indians looking for overseas jobs especially in the Middle East and South East Asia.

Monster tends to vet and verify the companies that post jobs on its website. As a result, you are assured of a guarantee that a certain advertised position and the company are legitimate and trustworthy. Moreover, Monster has expanded massively into the small and medium business markets to provide a focus on jobs with these companies. As a result, this is one of the best job portals for startup jobs in India.


10 Best & Free Job Portals in India (2022) to apply for your new job! (5)

Website: www.freshersworld.com

As the name suggests, this site is tailored towards those looking for their first job. Thanks to this unique focus, Freshersworld is one of the top job portals in India for freshers.

The portal currently has a database of over 1 crore resumes and all of them are from freshers. Freshersworld works with some of the biggest corporate names worldwide in order to secure the best possible placements for those that are fresh out of college with no experience. This job portal also has tie-ups with over 100 Indian cities and actively works with them to find placements for newly-graduated job seekers.

On their website, jobs are organized according to the specific sector and industry you are looking for. Moreover, theres also a separate filter to distinguish jobs based on their cities especially if you don’t want to move to a new place.

Another great value-addition provided by Freshersworld is their daily job alert emails which you can subscribe to based on your preference. Moreover, Freshersworld also has an email newsletter which keeps you posted about current affairs happenings and news from the corporate and business world which helps you perform amazingly well in your job interviews.


10 Best & Free Job Portals in India (2022) to apply for your new job! (6)

Website: www.linkedin.com

While it isn’t a traditional job site, if you’re a professional you ought to have a profile on LinkedIn. This portal is positioned more as a networking and job search platform for professionals across the world. LinkedIn allows you to create a profile and then connect with other people within the industry or the corporate world regardless of their location.

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It is said that some of the best job vacancies are filled though word-of-mouth references and recommendations. This is where LinkedIn comes in. Your profile is an extended version of your resume, and hence, there is really no need to create a separate one. Besides, your connections can endorse you for various skills and write you recommendations which allows a prospective employer to get a better idea of your skill sets and qualities. Thanks to its social-networking nature, LinkedIn is an easy way to get direct access to some of the top professionals and managers in the world without having to go through the HR department.

Also, LinkedIn has a jobs function where some of the Fresher jobs globally are advertised on a daily basis. Thanks to your LinkedIn profile, applying for these jobs is just a single-click away without needing to upload resumes and go through lengthy procedures. LinkedIn also allows you to write blog posts on subjects of your expertise and to share links of things that you’ve read and liked. As a result, you have access to a storehouse of knowledge and also get the opportunity to initiate conversations with hundreds of corporate mentors based on your specific interest areas.

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10 Best & Free Job Portals in India (2022) to apply for your new job! (7)

Website: www.freelancemyway.com

FreelanceMyWay is an innovative solution which connects businesses and freelancers from around the world. It is easy, affordable, simple and reliable means of communication. Built and run by both freelancers and entrepreneurs who know about the shortcomings of the industry and will overcome with excellence skills and experience.

Embraces Graphic Designers, App and Website programmers, writers, logo designers, admin support, data entry professionals, and many more. Looks for exceptional skills with an entrepreneurial spirit, quality written and verbal communication skills, time and consistency skills and most importantly respect for the clients.

Featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Small Business Trends, Boss Magazine & more.

Focuses on Caliber clients and freelancers with excellence in customer service. Values both time and talent. Completely satisfying for both the parties.


10 Best & Free Job Portals in India (2022) to apply for your new job! (8)

Website: www.indeed.co.in

Indeed is a US-based job search engine which has now expanded to over 60 countries around the world. The first thing that strikes you as soon as you log on to this job portal is the clean and minimalistic interface. Unlike there job sites which are crammed with words and images, Indeed looks easily accessible and organized especially for a new job seeker. You could almost say that it is the Google of job search portals.

The opportunities on Indeed are easy to find. All you need to do is log on to the site, enter the type of job or industry you’re interested in. Then select the city of your choice and hit the search button. Thanks to its numerous filters, Indeed makes it easy for prospective job seekers to cut through the clutter and narrow down upon the exact opportunity suited for their needs. Moreover, as Indeed directly conducts job seekers and companies together, you can be assured that your application and resume is being seen by the absolute right people.


10 Best & Free Job Portals in India (2022) to apply for your new job! (9)

Website: www.glassdoor.co.in

At first glance, you’ll realize that Glassdoor isn’t just a job portal: its so much more than that. The original genesis for Glassdoor was to provide a portal where serving and ex-employees could leave honest reviews about a company. Often, people are afraid about talking in public about large multinational companies for the fear of jeopardizing their career. Thanks to Glassdoor, employees can anonymously rate companies and also write reviews for their workplace. Since Glassdoor needs you to have an @companyname.com email ID, it ensures that the reviews are real and written by actual employees who work there.

This is a fantastic resource for a job seeker as it allows you to have a clear unbiased idea about a company’s work culture and how it operates. For most people, a work-life balance is important and job satisfaction plays an important role. Thanks to Glassdoor, you can see if the company you’re applying to pays salaries on time, has an open culture and whether its a place where you’ll get to learn something and experience career growth.

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Moreover, Glassdoor also allows users to upload their resumes and select their preference for the industry that they’re looking for a job in. Based on this, the portal will connect you to recruiters and employers across the desired sectors. And the best part? Its all free.


10 Best & Free Job Portals in India (2022) to apply for your new job! (10)


Despite all the multinationals expanding into India, some of the best jobs still remain in the public sector. Indeed, a government employment not only offers stability but also several perks and prestige which you might not get in a private job.

Besides, for those living in small towns and villages, government jobs are the best sector in which you can actually build a wonderful career without needing to move to a big city. Jobsarkari is one of the Popular job portals for government jobs in India. The website provides nationwide listings for jobs ranging from those with the state government to those with public sector utilities such as Coal India, MTNL, Indian Oil etc. Jobsarkari is also among the only sites to provide immediate updates every time theres an opening announced by the Indian Railways or by public sector banks.

Thanks to its easy filtering process, you can narrow down upon jobs in your favorite sector or those that are located in your home state. If you’re looking for a government job Jobsarkari should definitely be your first and biggest preference.


10 Best & Free Job Portals in India (2022) to apply for your new job! (11)

Website: www.upwork.com

Finally, there are tons of you out there who prefer to have a job thats flexible and doesn’t require you to be stuck to a desk for 12 hours a day. For those like you, freelancing is an absolutely great way to earn money while deciding your own hours. Moreover, with freelancing, the amount of money you make depends on how much work you take on. As a result, there’s no limit to your income if you’re willing to work hard and diligently.

Upwork is among the best job portals for freelancers in India. This US-based site has postings Experienced jobs from across the world. And since its an international website, the payments on it too tend to be at level with international standards. A simple 2-day writing or coding job can earn you anything between $50-$500. Amazing, isn’t it?

The best part of it all is that Upwork is totally free. The website lets you create a profile and bid for freelance assignments that are added every hour. Once you successfully secure an assignment and complete it, Upwork takes a percentage of the total amount. As a result, its completely transparent. The basic rule is: you pay a fee only when you get a job.

Placement India 10 Best & Free Job Portals in India (2022) to apply for your new job! (12)

Placement India is a job searching website that has job postings from all major companies in all sectors of employment. From medical to sales, hospitality to oil and gas jobs, you can find employment in every field here. All you have to do is enter your skill sets, preferred location, and click on the search button.

There are categories based on functions, location, industry, skills, role, fresher jobs, walkin jobs, and more. People who are looking to hire can post job listings for free on this website. So, it is a win-win situation for all. You can also post inquiries and access them for free later.

Job Rapido 10 Best & Free Job Portals in India (2022) to apply for your new job! (13)

Job Rapido is a well-known employment portal that lets you find jobs in different locations, including Europe, Africa, North and South America, and Asia Pacific. You can realize your employment dreams in the US, UAE, UK, Singapore, and many more countries. You can search for jobs by provinces and titles as well.

Job seekers can register on this website and input their skills and location preferences. They also have a help center to aid employers and prospective employees. You can also sign up for their regular email alerts for new opportunities. With such an easy interface, finding the job of your dreams has never been easier or more effortless.

Freshers Live 10 Best & Free Job Portals in India (2022) to apply for your new job! (14)

If you are a fresher and have been rejected by several companies due to lack of experience, this is the correct job search website for you. This website lets freshers stand a chance against experienced applicants and helps them gain a foothold in the industry of their choice. You can sign up on their portal and receive regular job updates as well.

In addition to private jobs, Freshers Live has information about government jobs, test results, top companies, etc. You can also take mock tests on their portal and prepare yourself better for government exams and interviews. All in all, this employment portal prepares a newbie completely for the competitive atmosphere of the job market.

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Hirist 10 Best & Free Job Portals in India (2022) to apply for your new job! (15)

Hirist.com is an all-encompassing job search portal that lets you find jobs in popular as well as evolving areas. All sorts of jobs are available here, like software, product-based, Oracle and SAP based, UX-UI designing, sales, marketing, semiconductor jobs, business analysis, etc.

Just register with your email ID and open up an entire world of possibilities. Hirist is for the new generation job seekers who likes to find all relevant information under one roof and take the most suitable pick among many options. Take a look at this website to find the right job for you.

IIM Jobs 10 Best & Free Job Portals in India (2022) to apply for your new job! (16)

IIM Jobs has been made and managed by a team of young professionals whose goal is to help aspirants find the perfect job. From major companies like Amazon to newer startups, IIM Jobs has listings for almost all fields and organizations. From finance to operations, get the best offers in every field on this platform.

You can download their app on your Android device or iPhone and get all job information on the go. They also have a blog that you can read to keep yourself updated on the latest happenings in the world of employment. Find the best companies like Ola, Magicbricks, Pepsico, Amazon, etc, on this portal. You can also enhance your skills from the course information they offer.

Intern Theory 10 Best & Free Job Portals in India (2022) to apply for your new job! (17)

Before finding a permanent job, it is important to have at least one internship on your resume. This will increase your credibility in front of the employers and you will be more likely to get offers from bigger companies. While many companies offer internships, some paid and some unpaid, you should find the correct place to kick off your career. That is where Intern Theory comes in.

On this website, you will be able to find internship options all over the country, based on your qualification and skill set. They feature fields like content writing, graphic design, finance, marketing, programming, human resources, etc. You will also find options to increase your skills and make a mark while applying for a job. Full time, part time and work from home internships are featured here.

First Naukri 10 Best & Free Job Portals in India (2022) to apply for your new job! (18)

First Naukri is the portal of popular job searching website, Naukri.com. People who are still in or fresh out of college can find suitable job opportunities here. You can also interact with employers, participate in quests and apply to multiple jobs. College students can also apply for internships on this platform.

Apart from finding a job, First Naukri also addresses career concerns and offers guidance to students and young professionals. They also have news and latest updates about the job market and required skills in the current scenario. You can sort through jobs by city, courses, and industries. Upload your CV, participate in online tests, and sift through their knowledge bank before setting foot in the corporate world.

Angel List 10 Best & Free Job Portals in India (2022) to apply for your new job! (19)

Angel List is a job search portal completely dedicated to startups and tech jobs. You can apply to more than a million startups using this portal and get a job that lets you work freely and productively. In the growing startup culture that is engulfing the country, Angel List gives you a clear platform to explore your options and make the right choice.

You can also choose to invest in startups through the guidance of Angel List. From developers to sales managers, front end to back end executives, you can get all sorts of jobs here. Browse jobs also by location, both in and out of India. Explore possibilities in the US and UK as well to give your career a major boost.

Neuvoo 10 Best & Free Job Portals in India (2022) to apply for your new job! (20)

Neuvoo is a job searching website that is popular all over the world. It helps people find jobs in over 72 countries, including Canada, US, Switzerland, UK, France, etc. Jobs in all categories and industries are available here. From office jobs like software, banking and customer service, to site jobs like construction, real estate and craftsmanship, Neuvoo caters to all.

You can search job opportunities by keywords, companies, skills, etc. Just enter the location of your choice and get going. All you have to do is register to their website and provide your CV and basic details to get noticed by potential employers. They also have a customer service department to address queries and help out with the process.


With the job market rapidly expanding, theres also millions of new professionals who graduate every year. As a job seeker, you should first focus on your skills and figure out what you’re very good at. Most companies prefer specialists who, along with the necessary skills, are also good as communication, teamwork, and have a good degree of creativity.

As a professional, it is said that you should always work as if you’re looking for a new job. What that essentially means is that you need to invest some time every week in professional self-development.

And once you’re ready to change jobs or have decided on a sector you’d like to work in, simply refer to the list of the best job portals in India thats in this article.

We promise you that this is all you essentially need. Good luck!

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Which portal is best for jobs? ›

Here are 15 of the best online job search portals in India to help in your job search.
  • Naukri.com.
  • LinkedIn.
  • Indeed.com.
  • Glassdoor.
  • Monster.com.
  • Jobs for Her.
  • Shine.com.
  • Google Jobs.
Jun 16, 2022

What are the best free job posting sites in India? ›

Best free job posting sites in India
  • IIM Jobs. iimjobs.com is an exclusive online recruitment platform for middle and senior management positions in India. ...
  • Indeed. Indeed is a global job board that offers free as well as sponsored (paid) job postings. ...
  • Snaphunt. ...
  • Grabjobs. ...
  • Neuvoo. ...
  • Internshala. ...
  • Jora. ...
  • Simply Hired.

How do I find a new job in 2022? ›

Wherever you are on your job search journey, PeopleReady shares four tips for landing the job you want in 2022.
  1. Do your research on the job market. ...
  2. Update your resume using our expert tips. ...
  3. Keep your mind open to new possibilities. ...
  4. Broaden your search beyond online applications.

Which website is best for fresher jobs? ›

For Freshers-
  • FirstNaukri- FirstNaukri.com is an extension of Naukri.com group and it is one of the biggest job search engines for college graduates and freshers. ...
  • Freshers World- ...
  • Internshala- ...
  • Toogit- ...
  • Freshershome- ...
  • FreshersVoice- ...
  • Indeed- ...
  • Idealist-

How can I get a job fast in India? ›

Here are some tips on how to get a job as a fresher.
  1. A break helps. ...
  2. List your strengths. ...
  3. Seek help building your resume. ...
  4. Online job boards. ...
  5. Make the most of your networking skills. ...
  6. Research your employer. ...
  7. Align your skills with the company goals. ...
  8. It's either a good overview or it's over.

What is the best way to find a job in India? ›

Looking for a job? Hera are top 5 job portals to help you find the right job
  1. Here is the list of 5 job portals to help you in finding the right job 2022:
  2. Indeed. Indeed is one of India's most popular job search engines, with users searching for opportunities all around the world. ...
  3. Shine.com. ...
  4. Jobs for her. ...
  5. Monster. ...
  6. Naukri.com.
Jan 23, 2022

Is Naukri recruiter free? ›

Do I need to pay to get a NaukriRecruiter? NaukriRecruiter is a completely free service for HR professionals, Recruitment Consultants and Senior Managers who are involved in hiring candidates for their company, clients, or teams, respectively.

Is it free to post job on Naukri? ›

1 - 1 of 1 Free Job Posting Sites India Recruiters

* Click yes if you want to complete your profile now.

Is Naukri com free? ›

We are a platform that connects job seekers and employers. Searching for jobs and applying for jobs on Naukri.com is free for all job seekers.

Which job app is best in India? ›

So, enlisted below are the top ten best Job-search apps that have provided multiple opportunities to various people.
  • Linkedin. One of the best job-search apps you will ever find! ...
  • Naukri. ...
  • Monster Job. ...
  • Indeed. ...
  • TimesJobs. ...
  • Glassdoor. ...
  • Shine. ...
  • Hirect – start-up jobs & hiring.
Feb 2, 2022

How do I find a job online? ›

Social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook can be an invaluable part of a job search. Visit Take your network online for information and tips on using these sites for job searching. Job boards or job banks are the most common tool used to search for jobs on the Internet.

Where can I find local jobs online? ›

  1. Use Local Job Search Resources.
  2. Search Google.
  3. Use Job Search Sites.
  4. Check the Classifieds.
  5. Follow Local News.
  6. Find Local Companies.
  7. Follow Employers on Social Media.
  8. Tap Your Network.
Jan 27, 2021

How can I get a job immediately? ›

  1. Get specific with your job search.
  2. Don't settle for an imperfect fit.
  3. Don't quit your search too quickly.
  4. Write tailored cover letters.
  5. Make your resume job-specific.
  6. Keep it simple and relevant.
  7. Employment isn't everything on a well-rounded resume.
  8. Dress the part — in person and on video.
Jul 22, 2021

How can I find a new job quickly? ›

How to find a job fast
  1. Update your resume.
  2. Use your network.
  3. Use multiple ways to search for jobs.
  4. Use the advanced search options on job boards.
  5. Don't apply for every job you find.
  6. Don't quit.
  7. Customize your cover letter for each application.
  8. Customize your resume for each application.

What is the best way to apply for jobs? ›

How to apply for a job
  1. Search for jobs in your field.
  2. Research hiring companies.
  3. Ready your resume for submission.
  4. Decide if a cover letter is right for you.
  5. Submit your resume and online application.
  6. Application follow-up.

Which jobs are easy to get in India? ›

1,000+ Easy To Get Jobs in India (141 new)
  • Customer Success Associate. ...
  • Business Analyst. ...
  • Trainee - Procurement Analyst (Hiring freshers MBA 2022 pass-outs) ...
  • Customer Success Executive. ...
  • Web Development Intern. ...
  • Business Analyst (Hiring freshers MBA 2022 pass-outs) ...
  • Procurement Analyst- Freshers B.E Mechanical.

Which job has highest salary in India? ›

  1. Medical Professionals (Doctors and Surgeons) Healthcare offers one of the highest salary jobs in India. ...
  2. Data Scientist. ...
  3. Machine Learning Experts. ...
  4. Blockchain Developer. ...
  5. Full Stack Software Developer. ...
  6. Product Management. ...
  7. Management Consultant. ...
  8. Investment Banker.
Oct 14, 2022

Which is the happiest job in India? ›

In that aspect let's sail through a few happiest careers or jobs people love to do.
Here are a few world's happiest careers,
  • Loan officer.
  • Automation Engineer.
  • Research assistant.
  • Oracle database operator.
  • Website developer.
  • Business development executive.
  • Senior software engineer.
  • Systems developer.

Which is the job search portal for job seekers in India? ›

Links for the various jobs portal such as Naukri.com, Timesjobs.com and Jobsahead.com are given.

Which is the best platform to get an information about career? ›

Option (A) News paper is the best platform to get an information about career.

What is the best age to get a job in India? ›

' Most of the courses complete the graduation or diploma at the age of 21. So the age of 21 is the natural age for anyone to start their job. Almost every country has the students of this age getting graduated and starting their job.

What are the charges of Naukri? ›

Buy Resume Database Access Packages
  • 3 DAYS RESDEX. 4300. + 1 Hot Vacancy Job Posting worth ₹1650 FREE. ...
  • 7 DAYS RESDEX. 8150. + 2 Hot Vacancy Job Posting worth ₹3300 FREE. ...
  • 15 DAYS RESDEX. 15250. + 2 Hot Vacancy Job Posting worth ₹3300 FREE. ...
  • 15 DAYS RESDEX. 16500. + 3 Hot Vacancy Job Posting worth ₹4950 FREE.

What is the cost of Naukri com? ›

Naukri Resdex Cost for Different Packages
3 Days Package7 Days Package
No of hot vacancy job postings1 ( worth 1650 Rs for free)2 ( worth 3300 Rs for free)
CV access150 CVs350 CVs
Emails1500 emails3500 emails
Price (₹)4000 Rs14000 Rs

Is Naukri com safe? ›

Naukri.com does not approve of or represent any employer or recruiter sending a fraudulent communication, which in fact are a violation of the Terms and Conditions. We value the trust you place in Naukri.com and are committed to making your job search a safe and fraud-free experience on our platform.

Is Monster job posting free? ›

Is Monster free? No, publishing your jobs on Monster is not free. You can choose the desired plan as per your hiring requirements.

What is hot vacancy in Naukri? ›

Hot Vacancy Packs and Subscriptions

These are our premium job posting services that include: No word limit for writing job description. Company branding (displaying logo with your jobs)

Is Timesjobs free for job posting? ›

Sign up to access this feature, it's FREE!

Is indeed asking for money? ›

There is no such a thing like registration fee, never give any money to any one except direct company. before selection or given the offer letter company will not ask for any money.

Do I need to pay for job? ›

You don't have to pay money or a fee to an employer so that you can start work. But before they hire you, an employer might ask you to pay for things like: looking at your job application.

Do companies ask for money? ›

No company will ever ask you to pay money for hiring. Remember, when it comes to a Job, it is the company who should be paying you for your work and contribution towards its growth, and not you. They will ask you to pay money to book a flight/train ticket for your arrival at Job location.

Which app is good for applying job? ›


You can search within the application quickly by skill, title, location, or company. The app also lets you know how many people have applied or if you are one of the first ones to do so which is a nice touch. Linkedin's mobile app has been download over 100 million times in the Google play store.

Is Apna app trusted? ›

The app is trusted by over 6 Million users for jobs, networking and upskilling. You can find jobs in 64 cities including Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Pune, Ahmedabad, Jaipur & Ranchi through apna app currently.

Which city is better for job in India? ›

Bangalore. Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka and is also referred to as the 'Silicon Valley of India' or 'IT capital of India' for being a leading information technology (IT) exporter and a significant contributor to the economy. A study shows that Bangalore offers the highest-paying jobs in the country.

What is the best online job for beginners? ›

If you're not sure what kind of roles to look for, here's a list of online jobs to consider that require little or no experience:
  1. Data Entry Clerk. ...
  2. Proofreader or Copy Editor. ...
  3. Administrative, Virtual, or Executive Assistant. ...
  4. Social Media Coordinator or Manager. ...
  5. Graphic Designer. ...
  6. Writer. ...
  7. Customer Service Representative.
Apr 19, 2022

What kind of jobs can I do online? ›

10 Online Jobs for Students that You Can Turn into a Career or a Business from Home
  • Online Tutor. ...
  • Search Engine Evaluator. ...
  • Social Media Manager. ...
  • Freelance Writer. ...
  • Resume Writer. ...
  • Transcriptionist. ...
  • Freelance Web Designer. ...
  • Micro-Freelancing At Fiverr.

How do I find a job? ›

The job hunt process usually looks something like this:
  1. Define your career goals. What kind of role are you looking for? ...
  2. Create a resume. ...
  3. Pick job boards you want to use. ...
  4. Apply Rationally. ...
  5. Research companies you want to apply for. ...
  6. Write a tailored cover letter. ...
  7. Tailor your resume to the role. ...
  8. Ace the interview.

Is FlexJobs free? ›

FlexJobs offers free advice in the many guides, articles and webinars available on our site. However, to access our hand-screened job listings, we offer weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscriptions. We think it's worth paying for – but don't just take our word for it!

How can I work from home? ›

21 tips to be productive while working from home
  1. Maintain regular hours. ...
  2. Dress for the day. ...
  3. Establish a routine. ...
  4. Keep your phone on silent and out of reach. ...
  5. Time block your calendar. ...
  6. Create a work playlist. ...
  7. Have a dedicated workspace. ...
  8. Let others know your work schedule.

What are 10 most common interview questions and answers? ›

10 most common interview questions and answers
  • Tell me about yourself.
  • What attracted you to our company?
  • Tell me about your strengths.
  • Tell me about your strengths.
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • Tell me about a time where you encountered a business challenge?

Is LinkedIn or Indeed better? ›

Bottom Line. Neither Indeed nor LinkedIn is the “better” job platform. Indeed is the better choice to find the greatest number of open positions, while LinkedIn is more likely to help you find specialized positions. LinkedIn also has the advantage of giving you a permanent profile on a popular professional network.

What is the best way to find job? ›

Here are some new strategies to keep your career moving onward and upward.
  1. Networking. It's known as the hidden job market: Many of the best jobs are never advertised. ...
  2. Referrals. ...
  3. Job Boards and Career Websites. ...
  4. Job Fairs. ...
  5. Company Websites. ...
  6. Cold Calling. ...
  7. Headhunters and Recruiters. ...
  8. Temping or Internships.

Is ZipRecruiter better than Indeed? ›

Both sites have a variety of plans that cover most needs, but ZipRecruiter posts listings to more job boards, which could lead to finding a candidate faster. Overall, we find Ziprecruiter more intuitive and easier to use for most employers. For job seekers, consider signing up for both services since they are free.

Is LinkedIn good for job search? ›

LinkedIn is unquestionably the social network for job-seeking professionals—or even if you're not looking right now. Ninety-two percent of recruiters use social media in their work today, and LinkedIn is the social network they use most, according to Jobvite.

Is Indeed safe to upload resume? ›

Safety and security

You have the option to either make your resume public or private when you upload it to Indeed, but consider that private profiles are not accessible to employers. If you choose to make your information public, Indeed removes your street address and contact information.

Is it free to post on Indeed? ›

Posting a job on Indeed is free*. A free* Indeed job posting shows up in general search results, but you can also pay to Sponsor your jobs to attract candidates faster. How do I advertise a job on Indeed? To advertise a job on Indeed, log in to your employer account and create a free* or Sponsored Indeed job posting.

Are Indeed and Naukri same? ›

indeed.com isn't naukri.com's only competition in the Jobs and Career > Jobs and Employment industry. See how naukri.com stacks up against its other top competitors. shine.comVS. monsterindia.comVS.

What is the number 1 way to find a job? ›

6 ways to find a job
  • Ask your network for referrals. If you are looking for a job, you should tell all your contacts to help them help you find mutual career contacts. ...
  • Contact companies directly. ...
  • Use job search platforms. ...
  • Go to job fairs. ...
  • Leverage social media. ...
  • Inquire at staffing agencies.

How do I find a new job quickly? ›

How to find a job fast
  1. Update your resume.
  2. Use your network.
  3. Use multiple ways to search for jobs.
  4. Use the advanced search options on job boards.
  5. Don't apply for every job you find.
  6. Don't quit.
  7. Customize your cover letter for each application.
  8. Customize your resume for each application.

What is the best way to apply for job online? ›

Apply through the company website

Most of the companies list job openings on their websites. Every company has a career section on the website itself. Send your resume to the mentioned email address. It is still one of the most effective ways to apply for jobs online.

Is ZipRecruiter really free? ›

ZipRecruiter is a paid service and does not offer a free plan.

Is Indeed or monster better? ›

Bottom Line. Both Indeed and Monster are great options for recruiting. However, if you're looking to hire someone with a specific set of skills, Indeed is the better option. Monster has a skills assessment feature, but it's not as comprehensive as what you'll find with Indeed.

Should I use Indeed to find a job? ›

With its reasonable pricing and large reach, Indeed might be the best tool for you to find the candidates you need. While Indeed has jobs from all industries and levels, entry-level and lower-level professionals tend to flock to the job board. It's not considered an executive search tool by any means.

Is LinkedIn for free? ›

We offer a Basic (free) account as well as Premium Subscriptions, which can be tried free for one month. With a basic account, you can: Find and reconnect with colleagues and classmates.

Should I delete LinkedIn? ›

Here's why you should delete your LinkedIn profile:

It promotes oversharing. The company is prone to data breaches. Professional mistakes are public. The organization has a history of data misuse.

Is LinkedIn free for job seekers? ›

LinkedIn Career is intended for job seekers, and is $29.99/month. LinkedIn Business is helpful for professional networking and growing business opportunities, at $47.99/month. Recruiter Lite is for businesses to find qualified job candidates and help in the recruiting and hiring process.


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