Cafe Appliances Reviewed: Great Reliability & Design Flair (2023)

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Cafe appliances give modern home cooks what they want: a big pinch of personal style. More than ever, we want our kitchens to express who we are. Consider the Cafe line GE's answer to that calling. Whether you're a designer or influencer or simply a person who loves to hang out in their kitchen, Cafe has the unique colors and finishes you want—and solid performance to back it up.

Cafe's a relatively new sub-brand of GE. It's always had the advantage of GE reliability and membership in its excellent service network. However, when Cafe was relaunched recently, it set itself apart from its sister brands by offering a much wider range of design choices that continues to grow.

Now Cafe's known for its wide selection of stylish handles and knobs, colors, and finishes, including the matte black and white colors and metallic hardware that have become so popular.

Add in the relatively affordable price point, and you can see where Cafe gets its appeal. Cafe falls into a category that includes competitors like Fisher & Paykel and Bertazzoni. Compared with Fisher & Paykel, whose appliances look most at home in a modern or transitional style kitchen, Cafe pieces work in more kitchen designs, from midcentury to farmhouse to beach house. Compared with Bertazzoni, Cafe's products are more fully featured and have a more robust service network to rely on, although they're a bit more expensive.

If you're looking for appliances that are reliable, don't cost a fortune, and give you tons of design freedom, you're in the right place. In this article, we'll walk you through the products Cafe has on offer. We'll also go beyond the pretty exterior to explain what makes it a smart and fun choice.

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Appliance Matchmaker: Cafe

People often say they "fall in love" with a statement range or refrigerator. We totally get it: Kitchens are where our lives happen, and the decisions you have to make about how to equip yours are emotional ones. We've helped more than 300,000 customers build their dream kitchen, and we're here to help you understand which brands align best with your wants and needs, from budget to design details. Let's take a look at Cafe as a potential match.

You'll Love Cafe If...

  • You want a kitchen that's design-forward and a little trendy
  • You love the look of mixed metals, like brass, bronze, and copper, with stainless steel
  • Modern finishes, like matte enamel and glass surfaces, appeal to you
  • You want custom options but don't want to pay custom prices
  • You're interested in cooking technologies like air-frying, induction, voice control, and guided recipes
  • You want a slide-in range with a double oven
  • You want a full-size, good-looking fridge
  • You want your entire kitchen package to match, including any undercounter appliances like an ice maker or beverage center and countertop appliances like coffee makers and toaster ovens

Cafe Might Not be Right for You If...

  • You want a timeless, classic kitchen. Some Cafe finishes can feel a bit of the moment
  • You want a panel-ready appliance (Cafe doesn't offer these)
  • You want something old-world, with big chunky knobs, heritage details, and few screens. Cafe appliances look a bit sleeker and are packed with modern conveniences like LCD touch screens, LED backlighting, and WiFi
  • You want to invest in premium appliances with the longest potential lifespan. We really like Cafe and find that its products are reliable (with great service to back them up), but they don't have the resilience of the likes of Miele, Bosch, Sub Zero, or Wolf.

How Much Do Cafe Appliances Cost?

Cafe appliances are designed to mix and match to build the custom kitchen of your dreams. Here's a breakdown of the Cafe series price points. If you're considering purchasing multiple matching appliances, keep in mind that Cafe runs seasonal promotions and special packages throughout the year.

Cafe AppliancePrice
Refrigerators$2,799 to $10,129
Dishwashers$1,099 to $1,899
Ranges$2,499 to 12,199
Microwaves$739 to 2,099
Wall Ovens$2,999 to $4,999
Ventilation Hoods$832 to $2,299

GE doesn't make laundry appliances under the Cafe or Profile brands. Instead, the company consolidated those products under the GE washer brand.

Cafe Appliance Colors & Finishes

There's no need to settle for stainless steel if it doesn't fit the aesthetic of your kitchen. (You don't have to spring for custom cabinetry panels, either.) In addition to classic stainless, Cafe has matte enamel and glass options, plus metallic accents you can use to personalize your pieces.

Matte Appliances

Matte White complements premium kitchen cabinets and works well with bronze-toned fixtures, resulting in a layered space that feels connected, clean, and timeless. With a luxe look and a smudge-resistant, soft-touch feel, it's a fresh approach to a staple color.

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The Matte Black finish takes inspiration from the deep natural tones of wood and stone. Its depth and layered texture allow you to create a crisp, bold statement.

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Modern Glass Appliances

Select Cafe ovens, four-door fridges, dishwashers, and induction cooktops come in its unique Platinum Glass finish. The fridges have a unique handle-less design, as do the ovens, which you can nudge with your elbow or simply ask to open.

Metallic Handles & Knobs

Cafe offers metallic hardware kits in four brushed metallic tones: stainless steel, black, bronze, and copper. The latter, a kitchen staple in both décor and high-end cookware, is the signature Cafe metal. The brand plans to add a flat black finish in 2023.

Pro Tip: Every Cafe handle, no matter the metal finish, has a distinctive copper cuff and discreet Cafe logo.

Cafe Refrigerators

There's a model in Cafe's full-size refrigerator lineup for pretty much every home and preference.

Full-Size Configurations

Cafe has full-depth, counter-depth, and built-in options. Its full-depth fridges have the most creative configurations, while its counter-depth and built-in models are classic bottom freezer and French door refrigerators.

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Unique Features

We've already mentioned that Cafe fridges can come with an external water and ice dispenser—something other brands have done away with. We like that they have an advanced water filtration system that removes 98 percent of trace pharmaceuticals.

But clean water's not all they can turn out. You can opt for a Keurig K-Cup coffee dispenser and a hot water dispenser, too.

These fridges are all Wi-Fi enabled, so you can use yours to connect to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. You can ask Alexa to brew your coffee or dispense a precise amount of water for cooking using the hands-free auto-fill feature—nifty conveniences if you're into smart home tech.

Other unique features include reliable ice makers, LED lighting at the sides and back of the interior, and sturdy, flexible storage.

Undercounter Appliances

Cafe also makes undercounter wine and beverage centers, a dual drawer refrigerator, and an ice maker. We like that the beverage center has the same backlit wall as Cafe's full-size refrigerators.

Cafe Refrigerator Configurations

Full Size

Cafe Full-Depth Fridges36-inch width only; 27.4 or 27.8 cu. ft. capacity; available in classic French door, French door with an extra center drawer, or four-door configurations with an external dispenser
Cafe Counter-Depth Fridges33- and 36-inch widths; 18.6 to 23.1 cu. ft. capacity; available in bottom-freezer or classic French door configurations, with or without an external dispenser
Cafe Built-In Fridges36-, 42-, and 48-inch widths; 21.3 to 29.5 cu. ft. capacity; available in bottom-freezer and side-by-side configurations; side-by-side models can have an external dispenser


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Cafe Wine & Beverage Centers24-inch width; 5.1 cu. ft. capacity; triple-pane glass door, stainless steel interior
Cafe Dual Drawer Refrigerator24-inch width; 5.7 cu. ft. capacity; stainless steel interior
Cafe Ice Maker15-inch width; can make up to 60 lb. ice a day and store up to 24 lb.; opt for large, clear cubes or nugget ice
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Cafe Ranges and Stoves

Cafe ranges come in commercial-style (aka Professional), single-oven, and double-oven configurations. You'll find 30, 36, and 48 inch options, all with customizable handles and knobs. These can be gas or dual fuel; 30-inch induction ranges are also part of the lineup.

Cafe, like its sister brand Monogram appliances, has focused on perfecting air fry technology. In the process, it has also vastly improved its convection mode, making its ovens some of the best performers out there.

Pro Tip: When you're shopping for a new range, it's smart to nail down the size (i.e., the width) before thinking about how you want it to look or perform. That'll help you narrow down your options from the get-go.

Cafe Range Configurations

SeriesMain Features
Cafe Professional Ranges36-inch or 48-inch width, griddle and second oven on the 48-inch model, starting from $6,699
  • All Gas: 36-inch width; gas cooktop with one 10K burner, one 12K burner, three x 18K burners, and one 21K BTU multi-ring gas burner; gas convection oven
  • Dual Fuel: 36- or 48-inch width; gas cooktop with one 10K burner, one 12K burner, three x 18K burners, and one 21K BTU multi-ring gas burner (plus an 18K BTU griddle on the 48-inch model); electric convection oven with reverse air and warming drawer
Single Oven Ranges30-inch width, six burners/elements, convection oven, self clean and steam clean, Starting from $2,499
  • All Gas: Gas cooktop with gas convection oven and a storage drawer
  • Dual Fuel: Gas cooktop with electric convection oven with reverse air and warming drawer
  • Induction: Induction cooking surface with electric convection oven with reverse air and warming drawer
  • Electric: Electric cooking surface with electric convection oven with reverse air and warming drawer
Double Oven Ranges30-inch width, six burners/elements, smaller upper oven and convection lower oven, self clean and steam clean, starting at $3,199
  • All Gas: Gas cooktop with gas ovens
  • Dual Fuel: Gas cooktop with electric convection oven with reverse air
  • Induction: Induction cooking surface with electric convection oven with reverse air
  • Electric: Electric cooking surface with electric convection oven with reverse air

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Cafe Professional ranges are, for one, larger. They come with heavy-duty cast-iron grates designed for true commercial-grade cooking. You'll find the oven spacious, with a roller rack that makes it easy to handle even the heaviest of foods. The six 18,000 BTU burners are powerful and come with extra-low simmer mode to keep food at 140 degrees F.
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The largest Cafe Professional range, at 48 inches wide, has a double oven and can be equipped with a griddle instead of all burners.

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Cafe single oven ranges come in different fuel types but share the same oven features.

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Cafe gave up on the warming drawer to make space for the double ovens. The upper oven is relatively small and designed for everyday use with fast preheat. The lower oven is larger in size and has convection.

Cafe Cooktops

Cafe cooktops share the features of its ranges in a more compact scale that gives you more flexibility with your kitchen design. Rather than a range, you can combine a cooktop or rangetop with a wall oven or ovens and fit them into your kitchen your way.


Cafe cooktops come in 30- and 36-inch widths and can be fueled by gas, electric, or induction. All have five burners or heat elements except for the 30-inch induction cooktop, which has four. These range from $1,665 to $2,888.

Cafe also makes commercial-style gas rangetops in 36- and 48-inch widths, which cost from $3,777 to $4,665

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Wondering about the differences between a cooktop vs rangetop? We cover them all in our detailed buying guide.

Unique Features

Hestan Cue: GE brands, including Cafe, have a collaboration with Hestan's temperature-sensing smart cookware that automates cooking for you. Cafe cooktops (including on its ranges) can connect to the Hestan Cue app, which features guided video recipes that automatically adjust the pan temperature as you cook..

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Gourmet results without any guesswork: You don't have to have Hestan cookware to be a better chef. Cafe also has Gourmet Guided Cooking. This technology combines video-guided recipes from professional chefs with a system that automatically adjusts the time, temperature, and pace to help you obtain ideal results.

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Use a smart device or voice and WiFi Connect to control your cooktop from any room in the house.

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Cafe Wall Ovens

Wall ovens are some of the strongest products in Cafe's repertoire. They incorporate all the best GE technology, including its best-in-class air-fry and convection. Pretty soon, your very own kitchen could be your favorite restaurant, since GE cafe wall ovens reliably take the guesswork out of temperature settings.

They also pack a lot of value into each design. Cafe makes single convection wall ovens, double ovens, and French door ovens. All are 30 inches wide with the exception of the Cafe 27-inch smart five-in-one speed ovens with 120V Advantium technology, which is ideal if you're replacing an older 27-inch wall oven. It can also be installed under the counter to save space.

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Cafe ovens share the basic cooking technologies and user interface at the control panel. We're especially fond of the time-saving wireless smart features. Here are a few examples of how they can come in handy:

  • Preheating usually takes time in wall ovens. Using the Cafe app, you can now start preheating while you're still out running errands.
  • If you're doing homework with the kids and want to check on the time remaining till dinner's ready, just check the app.
  • Say you have dirty hands yet want to start the oven. Just speak to it; the Alexa interface will do the rest.

In addition to these features, Cafe ovens are also equipped with:

Precision Cooking: Prepare the best meals of your life with pro guidance. Available on models with a seven-inch touch screen display, this mode dishes out expert advice as it walks you through recipes.

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Scan-to-Cook: This smart feature, available on models with a seven-inch touch screen display, saves you time when cooking packaged food that have a bar code. For example: a frozen pizza. Just scan the barcode on the box and your oven will know which program to use and exactly how long to cook.

Hot-Air-Fry: As we mentioned above, GE excels at air-fry technology. Want to cook family-size batches of healthy yet crisp wings, French fries, chicken nuggets, pizza bites, and more? Use the hot-air-fry without mess and extra fat and oil. This mode cycles hot air from the top of the oven around your food for the crispest results.

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Wi-fi Enabled: From any room in the house, you can ask Alexa to check the remaining baking time. You can also use a Cafe Wi-Fi–enabled range to change the oven temperature, preheat it, send you a notification when the timer finishes, and more.

Here's another bonus: Whenever Cafe makes new recipes available, you'll be able to download it as an update.

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Chef Connect: Put on your chef's hat. Chef Connect uses Bluetooth technology to pair compatible ranges, hoods, and over-the-range microwaves. When paired, the over-the-range microwave clock will sync to the range clock, so you only have to set or change one clock. Additionally, you can set the microwave surface light and vent fan to come on automatically when the range burners are in use.

Cafe Ventilation

Make sure everyone focuses only on your food with a 590-CFM venting system that eliminates smoke, grease, odors, and moisture from the air. Use the Cafe hood's convenient remote control to change fan speed and adjust brightness from across the kitchen, so you don't have to get up once you've sat down to eat.

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Cafe Dishwashers

Standard Size Dishwashers

These quiet dishwashers boast an industry-leading number of jets to spray all your dishes until they're clean. In fact, its advanced wash system has more than 140, including bottle jets, to scour tall and deep items, plus silverware jets to hit between your utensils and remove any bits of stuck-on food. You can be sure your dishes will come out extra clean.

GE Cafe dishwashers offer adjustable racks to hold dishware of different sizes and a third rack for flatware and other utensils.

Cafe Appliances Reviewed: Great Reliability & Design Flair (17)

In addition to being very quiet, Cafe dishwashers have hidden top controls and LCD touch screens. They're also Wi-Fi–connected so you can monitor the cycle times, lock and unlock controls, and get a phone alert when the rinse aid's running low.

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Cafe Dishwasher Drawers

One of Cafe's most recent launches is an undercounter dishwasher drawer unit with two drawers in the brand's signature finishes. Made by GE partner Fisher & Paykel, the two drawers can run independently of each other. They're high-tech, with a handy knock-to-pause feature and a small load option. Unlike other Fisher & Paykel drawer dishwashers, Cafe's aren't available with panel-ready fronts. They're designed to match the rest of your Cafe suite, in Matte Black, Matte White, or stainless steel, with your choice of hardware.

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Cafe appliances combine the stellar performance and reliability of the GE brand with fresh, design-forward colors and finishes. You'll find a range of sizes and price points, whether you're looking for a full kitchen package or a single replacement piece. All the appliances in the lineup are good quality and deliver great performance. And if an issue does crop up, you can feel confident that you have GE's excellent service network behind you.


Are Café brand appliances reliable? ›

Cafe appliances are one of the most trusted appliance brands on the market, and for good reasons. Not only do they offer high-quality products, but their customer service is top-notch. Cafe microwaves are a popular choice for many homeowners due to their reliability and features.

Is Café a good refrigerator brand? ›

Café Refrigerator Performance Review

Impressively, Café appliances rank third most reliable out of all major home appliance brands as of 2021, outperforming competitors of the same class, including luxury names like Sub-Zero, Signature Kitchen Suite, and Thermador.

Are cafe appliances considered high-end? ›

Q: Is Café a high-end appliance brand? GE Appliance's Café series is considered an affordable luxury line that gives high-end designer aesthetics at a fraction of the cost of other luxury and custom appliances.

Are cafe appliances worth it? ›

With the Café Appliance, the customer is able to get the reliability of the GE product, but they can also customize the product. The luxury line of appliances is beautiful but has also been created to be affordable. Although they can be more expensive than other lines, they are certainly worth the cost.

What is special about Cafe appliances? ›

About Café

Owned by GE, Café is a line of kitchen appliances set apart from other brands thanks to its customization options. Café allows you to customize personal style elements like the hardware and finishes on its range of ovens, cooktops, coffee machines, refrigerators, and dishwashers, to mention a few.

Are cafe appliances made in China? ›

Who Makes Cafe Appliances & Where are They Made? The Cafe brand is owned by GE Appliances, which is located in Louisville, Kentucky. GE is majority owned by Haier, which is headquartered in Qingdao, China. Cafe cooking products, dishwashers, and refrigerators are made at three plants right here in the United States.


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